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 La première fois à Singapour pour une fanmeeting - L'image mignonne et amusante des Boyfriend, et la performance sexy des SISTAR !

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Starship Family ♥

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MessageSujet: La première fois à Singapour pour une fanmeeting - L'image mignonne et amusante des Boyfriend, et la performance sexy des SISTAR !   Mer 7 Mar - 17:32

Citation :
How do we strike a balance between “sisters” and “boyfriends”? Korean idol groupsSistar and Boyfriend flew to Singapore for a fan-meeting on the 26th of February, letting fans have the best of both groups!

However, it is a pity that during the press conference, maybe due to the fact that they couldn’t understand the questions or the translator did not translate accurately, the members seemed to not answer the questions of the journalists directly, making the journalists puzzled.

For example, when Boyfriend was asked what kind of boyfriends they wanted to be, leader Donghyun mistook the “boyfriend” in the question for their group’s name, and replied, “We hope to be the best Boyfriend group.” When further questioned, Donghyun simply replied: “We hope to be boyfriends that can be there for their girlfriends always.”

Similarly, when Sistar was asked which member in their group had the best figure,Soyu seemed to understand the question as “How do you girls maintain your figure?”, and replied, “I don’t think that we’re really skinny, but we always exercise and eat healthily.” The answer and the question did not match at all!

Sistar’s amazing sporting skills

In the Idol Sports Athletes Championships, Sistar always makes a clean sweep of all the champion spots in the short run events. When asked what was the secret to being able to run fast, Bora smiled, saying, “We are also shocked by our own performances! Maybe it’s because we told ourselves that we must shine, and that’s why we were able to beat all the other idol groups.”

Due to the fact that they have amazing sporting genes, has Sistar even wanted to be an athlete? Bora said, “Many people have also asked me the same thing, but because I’m a singer now, I want to put in my best effort in singing.”

Boyfriend’s funny revelations of secrets

Boyfriend gives people a shy and cute impression, but when they reveal each other’s secrets, the members uncontrollably showed their cheerful and funny side. When asked which member likes to sleep the most, all the members pointed at Youngmin. Youngmin then explained, “I don’t think I really like to sleep a lot, it’s just that when I sleep I can’t hear anyone else that is calling me, haha!”

During the fan-meeting, when revealing each other’s secrets, the “worst-off” wasJeongmin! Everyone all agreed that Jeongmin was the most vain, playful and untidy member, making Jeongmin frantically try to defend himself, saying, “I’m vain, only because I want to give my best image to my fans. I’m also not untidy, it’s just that I like to leave packing my room to the last minute.”

Fan service – breaking the barriers of language

Even though there was a bit of a miscommunication during the press conference, but during the fan-meeting, both idol groups gave in their all in their singing and dancing and giving fan service, making fans extremely happy. Boyfriend constantly threw heart shapes to their fans, and often gave aegyo expressions, and also warmly hugged the fans that got up onto the stage, and their warmth successfully captured the hearts of fans. Although Boyfriend is still young, their ability to sing and dance is extremely evident, and although they performed six songs in a row, they were still as good as ever.*

Sistar’s sexy image and dance also made the atmosphere high, and besides teaching male fans the sexy wave dance to “Ma Boy” and drawing caricatures with female fans, main vocalist Hyorin’s astounding vocals were top notch, and singing and dancing at the same time was no feat for Sistar!

Boyfriend’s Donghyun and Sistar’s Soyu also celebrated their birthday with their fans during the fan-meeting, accepting gifts prepared by the local fans, making the atmosphere warm.

*(T/N): Basically it means that Boyfriend is really talented and could perform six songs in a row without losing their charm.


[image credits: fyeahkwangmin on twitter]
[translations by: honeyrinayu on weloveBoyfriend.wordpress.com]

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La première fois à Singapour pour une fanmeeting - L'image mignonne et amusante des Boyfriend, et la performance sexy des SISTAR !
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